Below are some photos of our friends that we have taken care of in the past, as well as some comments that their owners have left. If you would like us to add your animal to our friends page please send a photo to our email! 

Maggie McCaskill

Shadow McCaskill

Topaz Passman

Sugar, Max, & Raptor

Danielle and Jo-anna:


Thanks very much for taking such good care of all the animals, and for the present! Cappy is playing with the mouse now. Happy Holidays!


Hetty and David


Cappy, Possible, Percy, and Baxter (Cats)

Sal, Aurthur, Alice, Ophelia, and Sparrow (Sheep)


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Max Cubberly

Dear Jo-anna and Danielle,

While Shadow and Maggie were extremely happy to see us, they seemed much less stressed than after a visit to the kennel. And they appear to have never gotten out of sync with their schedule of meals and walks, which is so beneficial. We will certainly pass on our highest recommendations of your services. Thanks for easing our holiday traveling---and seasons greetings to you both!
Kyle and Joe McCaskill